The photographic work that Roberto Chierici has created with Erika Arosio focuses on a main theme: one’s inner research showed through one’s beard shape and style.

The exhibition Your Shape is a moment of reflection on ourselves and on the way we express ourselves in terms of beauty.  We all have our shape, but it doesn’t always reflect the way we would like it to be. Thanks to your beard you can fix it and improve it.

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In the big-sized shots on display, Roberto Chierici managed to collect the charm of an exclusive men’s world. Men who give a new shape to their appearance through their beards, which become versatile elements able to upgrade, age, hide, highlight or crush not only their faces but their personalities, in all their shapes.  Many meanings were given to the beard in history: it was a symbol of power, strength and wisdom, and every culture made it their distinctive sign, their symbolic language. Nowadays it is no longer a social matter, yet a psychological one.

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The models who posed for the exhibition were styled by Robert Briscolini (Tigi Ambassador Italia and  “Best Man Style 2015” winner at the Italian Hairdresser Awards) and Giovanni Cibin from Italian Style, both nationally known barbers who made the cult of the beard the cornerstone of their job. Thanks to their skills, being a barber almost becomes being a master of this rite. Robert and Giovanni support the idea that Roberto and Erika have carried out in this exhibition and have become a team who capitalise on their art skills

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The exhibition  “YOUR SHAPE” opens with a video installation that presents the main theme of the research of one’s shape. His expertise in the video industry, led Roberto to film the concept displayed through the pictures also through movement, in collaboration with choreographer  Marco Bebbu and Erika Arosio’s direction support.

Some of the shots on display were taken at Cascina Balocchi : its welcoming rustic rooms were visually outstanding combined with the men’s audacious faces where grace and power blend into impressive pictures.

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